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Think Lincolnshire and you probably think of panoramic views of countryside and rich architectural heritage. Protecting these natural and man-made resources is one of the major responsibilities of Lincolnshire County Council.

  • Environment Report

    Lincolnshire County Council produced a State of the Environment Report in 1995.

  • Environmental Health

    Many aspects of everyday life can affect our environmental health.

  • Environmental Information Regulations

    The environment and its features, what we do to it, and how we administer it.

  • Flyposting

    Flyposting is the illegal pasting of stickers and signs for commercial interests.

  • Fracking

    Information on hydraulic fracturing in Lincolnshire and the council’s role in planning applications.

  • Graffiti

    If graffiti is noticed around your area then contact your District Council.

  • Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park

    A sustainable coastal environment, providing high quality facilities for communities and visitors.

  • Lincolnshire Coastal Study

    Lincolnshire's coastline boasts some of the country's most versatile agricultural land.

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Last updated: 7 December 2017

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