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Council Services:


If graffiti is noticed around your area, spoiling highway street signs, bridges or buildings, then contact your local District Council and report it.

They will need to know the location details, the nature of the 'slogan', whether it is offensive or just a minor nuisance, and any other relevant information you think would be useful.

The report will then be considered and the information used to determine who will be responsible for cleaning the graffiti off.

For example, if it is de-facing a road sign then Lincolnshire County Council, Highways Department will instruct its contractors to attend to the work according to the appropriate priority which the task demands.

If the incident occurred on a private building then the owner of the property will need to be asked to consider removing the graffiti at his expense. Similarly, if it is a public building then the owning body will need to be contacted to inform them of any relevant details regarding this illegal, anti-social activity.

Who cleans up Graffiti?

It depends where it is:

  • If on the highway - Lincolnshire County Council
  • If on property - The owner

The Owner could be a public body such as Lincolnshire County Council, District, City Council or Housing Association.

How long will it take to clean up Graffiti on the highway or on LCC property?

It depends on the nature of the Graffiti:

  • If offensive, then within the next working day
  • If non-offensive, then when resources are next available


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Last updated: 6 December 2017

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