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Flood and Water Management Act 2010

Section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 states:

1. (1) On becoming aware of a flood in its area, a lead local flood authority must, to the extent that it considers it ‘necessary or appropriate’, investigate:
(a) which risk management authorities have relevant flood risk management functions, and
(b) whether each of those risk management authorities has exercised, or is proposing to exercise, those functions in response to the flood.

(2) Where an authority carries out an investigation under subsection (1) it must:
(a) publish the results of its investigation; and
(b) notify any relevant risk management authorities.

The County Council’s criteria for what it considers ‘necessary or appropriate’ in determining when a Section 19 investigation will be carried out are as follows:

1. Social - One or more residential properties flooded internally (wet carpets)

2. Critical Services:
a. One or more critical service buildings flooded internally (e.g. Hospital)
b. One or more critical properties rendered inoperable due to the access to the premises being impassable
c. One or more flooded critical installations, resulting in the loss of a service impacting on the local community or causing pollution to internal premises

3. Economic:
a. One or more shops/supermarkets flooded internally
b. At least 2 ha of agricultural land (grade 3 and above) flooded for more than 2 but less than 4 days
c. Any section of a national category 3 road or above made impassable due to flooding; and/or flooding to a minor road cutting off effective access to a village, hamlet or blocking a designated bus route
d. Flooding to railway or railway station adversely impacting on normal timetables or cutting off a rail link

4. Environment - The consequences of flooding could be positive or negative and a schedule of consequences of flooding to individual sites is being prepared. For further advice contact your area highways manager.

5. Cultural Heritage - A schedule of consequences of flooding to individual sites is being prepared

6. Other - Upon receipt of a formal letter from a Member of Parliament

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