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New Development Affecting the Highway

The County Council, as Highway Authority, is a statutory consultee for all Planning Applications received by both the District and County Council. Officers within the four Divisions of the Development Service carry out this function.

When considering any application and/or development proposals, the highways officers’ aim is to ensure that all new developments carried out within the County are assessed in terms of highway safety and any appropriate measures put in place.

It is clear that in dealing with these applications, and in particular large commercial and residential sites, that the effect of increased traffic, generated by such developments, needs to be given careful consideration.

Lincolnshire County Council welcomes economic growth, in particular that which enriches the quality of life of its people. Developers will be expected to ensure that such growth is not to the detriment of highway safety or disruption of the current road network. Measures will need to be taken to deal with the anticipated transport impacts of a scheme and to improve accessibility and safety for all modes of transport, particularly for alternatives to the car such as walking, cycling and public transport. Developers may be expected to contribute to improvements to the network to facilitate development proposals.

These guidelines set out how the Highways Authority deals with planning applications and includes advice on preparation of the development proposals, design and construction guidance and information on adoption of new roads and working on the existing highway. In all cases you should consult with your Local Planning Authority and the Highway Authority to discuss your application.

All improvement, maintenance and development schemes carried out on the highway network or affecting highway assets must be designed to the County Council’s ‘Design Standards and Departures For Highway Schemes’.


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Last updated: 5 December 2017

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