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Statutory Registers - Common Land And Village Greens

These are registers in which is recorded common land and town and village greens in Lincolnshire.  

For each piece of land there is a description, referring to the register map on which the boundaries of the land are shown, and saying who registered it and when.  The registers also show if there are any common rights over the land and who, if anyone, was registered as the owner of the land. In fact there are practically no rights of common registered in Lincolnshire.

Following the passing of the Commons Act 2006 it is intended that the ownership of common land and town and village greens will be recorded in the Land Registry.

What costs are involved?

If you want to make an official search in the registers it will be necessary to use form CON290. The charges for such searches relate to which questions are asked, and if you only ask the official question relating to common and town and village greens there will be no charge. The answer will tell you whether the land you are asking about is registered, and if you want further information you can use the contact information below. If you make a personal visit to look at the registers, there is no charge.

There is no charge for submitting an application to register land as a town or village green. However, if there are objections to the application it may go to a non-statutory public inquiry and the applicant will have to bear any costs they incur.


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Last updated: 3 August 2017

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