Apply for free school transport

Before you apply

For information on this service during the current COVID-19 pandemic please read Information for parents and carers before continuing.

If your child is not eligible for free school transport, you must ensure they can get to school safely.

If your child is of compulsory school age, they will get free school transport if they:

  • live in Lincolnshire
  • attend a school within the designated transport area (DTA) for their home address
  • attend a school nearer to their home address than the DTA school
  • attend a school we allocate because there were no places in nearer schools
  • and, live:
    • more than two miles away (primary school)
    • more than three miles away (secondary school)

If you live in a town, transport will only be provided to the nearest school, subject to the distance criteria above.

If you need to confirm a school's designated transport area, email [email protected]

Transport is only provided at each end of the day to and from your child’s main home address.

For more advice, read the schools and college transport policy.

Unsuitable routes

If you think your child’s route to school or pick-up point is unsuitable to walk, you can ask us to assess it. Email [email protected]

How to apply

We urge parents and carers to apply for school transport as soon as we confirm their child’s school place.

An offer of a school place is not an application for transport.

Apply for free school transport

If you move house, you will need to reapply.

We aim to process applications for September 2021 within 20 working days, however, some may take longer. If you do not hear from us before the end of June, please get in touch.

Decisions and appeals

If you applied online, you will get an email to confirm your application straight away. You will then get a response email within five working days.

If you applied by post, we will send a response letter within five working days of receipt.

It may take us up to 10 working days to reply during the busy summer period.

If you do not receive a response, call 01522 782020.


You can appeal a free school transport decision if:

  • the decision to refuse transport is wrong according to our policy or the law
  • there are personal circumstances that have not been taken into account
  • a walking route has been assessed incorrectly

Our response email or letter will include full details of the appeals process.

Free school transport for low-income families

Free school transport for low income families only applies to pupils aged 11-16, if:

  • your child attends one of the three nearest schools
  • and, the school is between two and six miles from their home address

On the grounds of religion, it must be your nearest faith school and be between 2 and 15 miles from your child’s home address. You must provide evidence of religious belief.

Your child may get free school transport if:

  • they receive free school meals based upon low income
  • or, you receive the highest level of working tax credit

If you receive any of the following benefits, you may also be eligible:

  • Universal Credit
  • Income support
  • Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance
  • The Guaranteed Element of State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit, with an annual income of less than £16,190
  • Working Tax Credit run-on
  • Free school meals

If you come off any qualifying benefit at the time of review, your child’s free school transport will end. You must get your child to school unless they qualify under the school and college policy.

When transport is granted on the grounds of low income, we will review offer at the start of each school year. We will contact you before the school year starts.

If you move house, we will re-assess your application from your new address.

Replacement bus passes

You can pay for a replacement bus pass online:

Pay for a replacement bus pass