Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership

Schools Safeguarding Assurance

Every year we seek assurance from you that your safeguarding responsibilities are being met. These are set out under sections 157 and 175 of the Education Act 2004.

We will be requesting assurance of the safeguarding practice in your education setting in the Autumn Term 2021. 

To provide this assurance, you can utilise any of the following methods:

  • complete our Safeguarding in Schools self-assessment audit tool.
  • complete your own trust's safeguarding audit, which should be available to view on request.
  • utilise other proof that safeguarding is monitored regularly and that effectiveness is evaluated. Evidence of which should be available on request.
  • utilise the LSCP minimum standards safeguarding checklist.

The assurance must be provided by a non-teaching member of your Governing Body or Board of Trustees (or Head Teacher or equivalent if your setting does not have a Governing Body or Board of Trustees).  This can be done by completing our online safeguarding assurance form.

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Completed audits should not be sent with the assurance.

If you cannot assure the LSCP, we will ask you to please let us know your intended action plan. This will then be referred to the Local Authority Education Team.

Any questions regarding our Schools Safeguarding Assurance can be sent to: [email protected]

The closing date for submitting your safeguarding assurance form will be Friday 17 December 2021.