Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership

Early Help and Team Around the Child

In Lincolnshire we believe Early Help is a collaborative approach, not a provision. Every professional working with or engaging with children and families, regardless of organisation, status or position has a responsibility to deliver Early Help and support the family to access appropriate services.

Early Help is defined as anything that supports children, young people and their families to achieve their potential, by either preventing difficulties, or stopping things getting worse.

It is really important, that the moment an early help need is recognised, someone has a conversation with the child or family and their support network about that concern, what it looks like and how it affects the child's life, as well as what everyone is doing to keep them happy and safe.  The EHA is a tool to help and aid you in having this conversation.

When we identify that the family need support, we will begin the Team Around the Child (TAC) process. This is where all the people who care about or are working with a child form a team that helps to support them. One professional takes the lead to ensure that services are co-ordinated, coherent, and achieving intended outcomes. They act as a single point of contact for the child and their family.

The Lead Professional can be any professional, from any service or agency, who is a part of the team around the family. It is important that the family are involved in the discussion of who is best placed to co-ordinate the support and services being offered to the family.


The LSCP 6 year safeguarding training pathway identifies courses to develop knowledge and understanding for professional working alongside children and families and to support you in your Early Help and Team Around the Child work.