Apply to move school

Collect a mid-year school offer

We will confirm your mid-year application by email or post and it will be processed within 15 school days. This can take longer if your named schools are full.

Your offer will not give a start date but you will be told when you must contact the school.

When we cannot offer a school you have named:

  • if you live in Lincolnshire, and your child is not on a school roll, you will be offered the nearest school that has a place.
  • if you are moving to Lincolnshire and have provided a date of the move within the next six weeks and intended address, we will source an alternative school place within 15 days of your arrival.
  • if you live in Lincolnshire but already have a suitable school place, we will not make a new offer.
  • if you do not live in Lincolnshire or have not provided a move date or new address we will not make a new offer until you provide this information.