Children's social care

Request an assessment

To request an assessment call 01522 782111.

Within 24 hours of a referral being made, a social worker will make a decision about which team is most appropriate to assess the needs of your child.

Should this be us, a social worker will be allocated to complete an assessment of need.

We will:

  • seek parental consent so that other agencies can be contacted as part of the assessment
  • ensure that if children are old enough they are encouraged to take part in the assessment
  • take into account the ethnic and cultural background of the child and their family
  • provide help so that everyone can speak their first language during the assessment

If information comes to light where the social worker believes there is a serious threat to the welfare of the child, the child and the parents will be told their rights.

Once the assessment is completed it will be shared with the family and any feedback or comments will be recorded.

The social worker will also make regular visits to see the child at home, school and where applicable at a short break setting.

If the outcome of the assessment identifies that services are required to ensure that the child or young person's social care needs are met then a method of receiving services – may be, for example via Direct Payments