Early support care co-ordination

Refer a child to ESCO

To make a referral to the Early Support Care Co-ordination (ESCO) team, a professional working with the child must:

  1. complete the early help assessment form
  2. call us on 01522 782111

Your completed form must detail all aspects of what is working well, what is not and what needs to happen.

You must include:

  • details about the child’s unmet needs that are present from their disability
  • information about professionals working with the family

The parent or guardian of the child must give permission for you to complete and submit the form. They must also be involved in its completion.

If ESCO can support the unmet needs, a key worker will be allocated from the ESCO team. They will visit the family to explain more about care co-ordination and arrange an initial ESCO meeting review.