SEND support in schools

A £50m investment in Lincolnshire’s special schools is set to transform Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) support for local children and young people.

The Building Communities of Specialist Provision Strategy will bring major improvements to special schools. It will create an integrated system where pupils attend their nearest school, confident their educational, health and care needs are met.

The changes will:

  • reduce long travel times for students
  • enhance provision
  • increasing school places

Lincolnshire special schools will have a greater capacity to meet the increasing demand for places. As well as have the premises and facilitates to meet all types of needs and disabilities.

Children and young people with SEND will be able to attend a special school in their local community and will no longer have to travel to get to an appropriate school.

We have been developing a new model for special education, alongside special school leaders and the Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum, which will ensure children and young people can access the right education, in the right place, at the right time, as close to home as possible.

Improvements will include:

  • £50m capital investment in special schools to ensure they have the right facilities to meet all types of need
  • build a new special school in Lincoln and expand several others
  • an increase of over 500 special school places across the sector to meet demand
  • develop special school satellites on some mainstream sites
  • reduce journeys by ensuring all special schools can cater for all types of need and disability so pupils can go to their nearest one
  • provide extra training in both mainstream and special schools so that all pupils with SEND will be fully supported according to their needs

Find out more in our Building Communities of Specialist Support document