Support for children with visual and hearing impairment

We support children, parents, carers and professionals working with children who have visual and hearing impairments.

We can help to:

  • carry out tests, interpreting and explaining the results
  • advise on specialist equipment and demonstrate its usage
  • provide teaching programmes (for example, Braille, screen readers etc)
  • advise support staff working with the child
  • advise on ways to develop effective communication
  • provide mobility training
  • provide assessments, reports and advice for schools and parents
  • provide visual and deaf impairment awareness training for peer groups in school
  • provide training courses for teachers, assistants, special needs coordinators etc
  • liaise with other local authority agencies and with voluntary organisations

Referrals and eligibility

Children and young people can be referred by parents, health professionals, early years settings and schools.

An assessment from a health professional and parental consent is required before referring a child to the service. Referrals are screened by a senior teacher.

We will visit and assess children and young people who are likely to require support from a teacher for visually-impaired children. We will decide whether to take them onto caseload.

We will send advice sheets to those with mild impairments.