Create an emergency care plan

The Carers Emergency Response Service (CERS) can help when you are suddenly unable to provide care for someone.

It is a free service. If an emergency occurs, it includes any alternative services sourced through social care for the first 48 hours. If over a Bank Holiday weekend, this is the first 72 hours.

Setting up the service

We will help you to prepare an emergency care plan. This will include what you and the person you care for want to happen, if you are unable to care for them.

You must get consent for the plan from the person you care for, if they have the capacity to do so. You must get consent from any named people or services.

You should update your plan every year. You must notify us of any changes.

For advice about creating an emergency plan, you can:

Using the service

Once your emergency plan has been created, you will receive a card and keyring. These will contain the 24-hour contact details.

Your card will have a unique identity number that links to your emergency plan.

To activate the service, call the phone number on the card and quote the identity number.

We will alert your named contacts to the situation and update them using the plan.

If your named contacts are unavailable, we will do our best to source alternative services through social care.