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Council Services:

Road surfacing and dressing

The county council maintains 5,500 miles of roads with extensive programmes of patching, resurfacing, reconstruction and surface dressing.

  • Patching may be carried out to repair potholes or replace a smooth/worn out road edge. It usually involves replacing the top 4cm of the damaged road and can be completed quickly.
  • Resurfacing may be carried out when the top layer of a road has failed. It usually involves replacing the top 4cm of the damaged road and normally requires a road closure.
  • Reconstruction is carried out when a road has substantially failed and the full width of carriageway needs to be replaced. It involves replacing all layers of the road up to a depth of 45cm and will require a full road closure.

Surface dressing

Surface dressing offers a quick and cost-effective way of maintaining roads. It involves chippings being rolled into a layer of hot bitumen applied to the road. We do this because it:

  • Improves skid resistance and makes the road safer
  • Waterproofs and protects the road against winter damage that causes potholes
  • Extends the life of the carriageway surface by up to 10 years
  • Costs one fifth of the price of resurfacing, meaning we can treat more roads
  • Prevents more expensive work being needed later on

To find out when and where works are taking place, download the surface dressing programme.

Wherever it has been carried out we introduce temporary speed limits to prevent damage to vehicles and to allow the surface to stabilise.

We are only potentially liable for damage to vehicles or personal injury if we have been negligent, contravening Section 58 of the Highways Act 1980. If you wish to submit an insurance claim, call 01522 782070.


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Highway defects

Discovered highway defects such as potholes, lighting, flooding, signage, obstructed roads?


Constructing a dropped kerb

Request permission to construct a dropped kerb/vehicular crossing to an existing property.


Get in touch

General enquiries for highways, transport and environmental services.


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Last updated: 20 March 2018

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