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Lincolnshire Permit Scheme

As from 5 October 2016, a Highway Permit Scheme now exists in Lincolnshire to further help us minimise the disruption caused by works on our road network.

The Scheme applies to the whole of the Lincolnshire road network so anyone carrying out works in Lincolnshire, with the exception of Section 50 Licence holders, will need to apply for a permit before commencing. Typically this is utility companies (telephone, gas, electricity, water), the council itself, and anyone that is working on a development for which planning permission has been granted and that affects the highway. Detailed information regarding what activities are covered by the Scheme can be found within the Lincolnshire Permit Scheme document.

Objectives and Benefits

Permit Applications (non EToN) where the Permit Scheme is in operation, any Promoter as prescribed in the Regulations who wishes to perform or carry out an activity must first obtain a permit from Lincolnshire Highways. This permits the Promoter to carry out the specified activity, at the specified location, between the dates shown and agrees the conditions which may be attached.

Part 3 of the Traffic Management Act provides the opportunity for a Council to introduce a Permit Scheme. Under a Permit Scheme, anyone intending to carry out works on the road has to make an application to the relevant Authority for a permit. In addition, the Authority’s power to grant or refuse a permit, as well as applying conditions to the timings and/or work activity, is significantly increased. Through such capabilities, any Authority operating a permit scheme will be able to coordinate and control works on the road, with the aim to improve both the planning and preparation of works.

What will the Permit Scheme give to the Road User?

The main purpose for the introduction of a scheme is to minimise disruption from unnecessary or badly controlled road works. There are many additional expected benefits to be achieved through more effective control of road works, which include:

  • improving journey times and reliability for all our road users
  • reducing the congestion caused by road works
  • improving the information available on works, including advanced warning and duration
  • increasing the planning and control of works to improve safety and reduce damage to the road

Permit Fees

In accordance with the provisions set out in Section 37 of the TMA and Regulation 30, the Permit Authority may charge a fee for each of the following:

a) the issue of a permit;
b) an application for a permit, where the Permit Scheme requires a Provisional Advance Authorisation to be obtained as part of that application; and
c) each occasion on which there is a variation of a permit or the conditions attached to a permit.

The Permit Authority will charge fees in accordance with Regulation 30.

Permit fees do not include costs charged or recoverable by highway authorities in relation to consents or other requirements such as for Temporary Traffic Orders or Notices or parking suspensions related to other works being carried out.

It is not the purpose of fee charging under the Permit Scheme to generate revenue for the Permit Authority; although subject to the constraints set out a Permit Authority may cover its costs.

Fees are payable by Statutory Undertakers, but highway authorities are not charged. This is due simply to the fact that the money charged would only circulate around a highway authority. However to promote good practice the Permit Authority is encouraged to use a shadow charging arrangement to show the cost of issuing permits to its own Promoters both to help understand its own costs and to set those alongside the costs to other Promoters. This is not a statutory requirement and it is not a requirement of the Permit Scheme.

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Highway Permit Scheme

'A Highway Permit Scheme now exists in Lincolnshire.

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Last updated: 22 March 2018

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