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Council Services:

Scaffolding and hoarding licence

The placement and control of scaffolds (including scaffolding towers) and hoardings within the public highway is regulated by the Highway’s Act 1980 (Section 169).

All companies MUST be registered with the County Council before applying for a licence.

All scaffolds or hoardings placed within the highway must be authorised by the divisional highways office and a licence issued to the provider. The divisional office will consider the implications of the provision of a scaffold or hoarding at the requested location to ensure that it does not represent a danger to the highway user, cause unnecessary obstruction to the free flow of traffic (vehicular and pedestrian) or conflict with other planned works or events.

Any company wishing to place a scaffold or hoarding within the highway must provide documentary evidence of the appropriate level of public liability insurance (currently £5m).

Requests for licences should be made by the scaffold or hoarding provider (not the customer) and the licence, subject to approval, will be issued to the provider.

Lincolnshire County Council charge for each scaffold licence application a fee of £50 per 20m length. At present there is no charge for a hoarding only licence although this is under review.  Each licence issued will normally be valid for a maximum of 28 days, but in certain traffic sensitive streets these may be restricted to a shorter time. Extensions may be permitted at the discretion of the County Council.

Applications to place scaffolding in the highway should be made at least 5 clear working days in advance of the date required through our Customer Service centre (telephone: 01522 782070) and payments must be made by giving your bank debit/credit card details at the time the application is made or alternatively you can apply on line.

Please note the Highway Authority reserves the right to refuse requests to place scaffolding on the highway and payment should not be construed as automatic granting of permission to place the scaffolding.

If for any reason your application is refused once payment has been received a full refund will be given.

In many cases a site meeting will be required to discuss the impact of the structure upon the use of the highway. Therefore as much advance notice as possible is desirable.



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Last updated: 20 November 2017

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