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Street café permissions

Lincolnshire County Council as the Highway Authority is able to give permission, under licence, to locate and operate facilities for recreation and refreshment on the highway under powers contained in the Highways Act 1980.

The County Council welcomes applications from existing businesses for Pavement Cafés in Lincolnshire as they enhance the environment of the town or city centre and bring a special atmosphere to an area.

A “Code of Practice for the operation of Pavement Cafés in Lincolnshire” has been produced to ensure that Pavement Cafés are established in appropriate locations, are well designed and well managed.

A successful application is dependent on:

  • location
  • available space
  • type of premises
  • street furniture

The Code of Practice is based on good practice and lays down general guidelines which an application needs to consider during design.  These include the site and layout of the café, the type of boundary required, recommended furniture and environmental implications.

Gaining Permission

A licence is required if a café is to cover any part of the highway (i.e. footways and most pedestrianised areas).  The licence will cover a specific area for a period of 12 months with conditions attached and will be reviewed annually.

The charges for the licence are based on the maximum number of covers with an annual renewal fee. The initial application fee needs to be paid when the application is submitted.

The applicant will need to provide the following:

  • a scaled plan showing location, dimensions and layout of the proposed area, including buildings on access points
  • details of enclosure and furniture to be used, drawings, photos or brochure description
  • details of how the café will operate, i.e. servicing
  • proposed hours of operation (some local limitation may apply)
  • number of tables, chairs, umbrellas etc
  • Public Liability Insurance details
  • The initial application fee

It is best to contact the County Council Highways Divisional office for your area to discuss ideas before a formal application is made. Once an application has been received a formal consultation process will be initiated. The process will take between 3-6 months assuming no objections are received.

The County Council will consult a number of local agencies including the Police and District Council as well as the Fire Service, Local Councillor, Local Disability Groups and the City/Town Centre Manager.

There is a further public consultation period where nearby occupiers are given an opportunity to comment on the application.

If no objections are received then a licence will be granted.


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Highway Permit Scheme

'A Highway Permit Scheme now exists in Lincolnshire.

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Last updated: 26 February 2018

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