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Council Services:

Engineering and Consultancy

Geotechnical consultancy

The Geotechnical section of the Consultancy is a dedicated team which specialises in Ground Investigation and Geotechnical consultancy work.

  • Desktop Studies,
  • Factual and Interpretative Ground Investigation Reports
  • Ground Investigation for Development Roads
  • Advice on Bearing Pressures and Foundations
  • Factual Ground Investigations for Soakaways
  • Contaminated Land Surveys
  • Ground Water and Gas Monitoring

We make use of many techniques such as trial pitting and hand augering, depending on the project requirements.

Materials consultancy

Our Materials Engineering team provide a wide range of specialist services:

  • Project management -investigation and assessment of materials and workmanship for a range of projects, from major works to small schemes.
  • New material trials - Assessment and evaluation of new materials, products and innovative techniques.
  • Management of approved suppliers and materials – Contact us for information on approved suppliers and materials or if you would like to find out how to get your product added to the list.
  • Technical Guidance - on key documents including material specifications, Codes of Practice and design standards.

Pavement engineering

Our Pavement Engineering Team provides a wide range of specialist services.

Scheme identification and forward maintenance programming

Sections of the Principal Road Network (PRN) requiring maintenance are identified by Pavement Consultancy staff using data provided by the Surveys Team; deflectograph, SCANNER, SCRIM and visual condition surveys.

Pavement investigations and analysis

Once a scheme has been accepted, a detailed investigation is carried out which includes visual condition, coring and examination of the deflection data.

Design of maintenance treatments

Analysis of the collected data enables a cost effective (20 year design life) maintenance scheme in terms of inlay or overlay thickness to be determined and a full treatment schedule to be drawn up.

Skid resistance analysis

SCRIM data is used in conjunction with accident data by our Pavement Consultancy to identify skid deficient sites and prepare a signing schedule on the strategic road network. Sites are also prioritised for maintenance on a cost-benefit basis.

Footway structural condition assessment & treatment advice

Testing and condition assessment advice based on the use of a PRIMA light weight deflectometer, to establish current footway condition and advise on targeted treatment of defects.

Consultancy Advice

Our Engineers are available for advice on projects large or small as construction advances.


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Last updated: 7 March 2018

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