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Council Services:

Laboratory and Site Testing

Aggregates and concrete

We offer a comprehensive range of aggregate tests which can be undertaken on materials, prior to scheme commencement, to determine their suitability for particular applications and as a measurement of quality consistency.

  • Physical tests - Particle Size and Moisture Content, Particle Density and Water Absorption, Flakiness Index and Uniformity Coefficient, Frost Heave, Aggregate Abrasion Value,
  • Mechanical tests - Resistance to Fragmentation - Los Angeles Method
  • Chemical tests - Insoluble Matter, Chloride Content & Soluble Sulphate Compounds in Salt for Winter Maintenance

The laboratory also undertakes routine compliance testing of hardened concrete and concrete products for structural and highway use. Testing on fresh concrete can also be performed.

  • Concrete tests - Compressive Strength & Density of Hardened Concrete Cubes

Bituminous material testing

We perform routine compliance testing on bituminous materials, binders and emulsions used in highway pavement applications. In addition we can perform tests on bituminous cores removed from the pavement to determine “end product” compliance and life expectancy or as part of an investigation to assess pavement condition.

  • Core Testing - Description/Logging Of Cores including PAK Marker screening for presence of tarCore Density & Air Void Content
  • Bituminous Mixtures - Binder Content & Grading of Mineral Aggregate, Maximum Density
  • Bituminous Binders & Emulsions - Recovery of Bitumen Binders, Penetration & Softening Point, Water & Binder Content or Road Emulsions, Viscosity of Road Emulsions

Soil Testing

Soils from ground investigations for new works can be tested for classification and to evaluate their chemical, compaction, consolidation, and permeability and shear strength characteristics.

Additionally, soils and materials can be tested as part of investigations into remaining life, maintenance requirements and premature failure of earthworks, foundations, roads and structures.

  • Classification tests - Atterberg Limits, Moisture Content, Particle Size & Density
  • Physical characteristics - California Bearing Ratio, Dry Density/Moisture Content Relationship

Site testing services

Lincolnshire Laboratory’s site testing team undertake a wide range of in-situ sampling and testing for Civil Engineering projects.


  • Coring of Bituminous Materials
  • White Lines/Reflectivity Testing
  • Texture of Depth of Bituminous Materials
  • Rolling Straight Edge


  • Coring
  • Pavement Stiffness Testing
  • Bridge/Structural Assessments Testing


  • Sampling of Bituminous and Granular Materials

Other site testing services

  • Plate Bearing Tests
  • Plate Loading Tests
  • Dynamic Plate Tests
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer tests

Samples can be delivered directly to the laboratory between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday or alternatively we can collect samples direct from your site.

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Last updated: 29 March 2017

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