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A17 Sleaford Bypass Embankment Repairs

The A17 Sleaford Bypass embankment repair project is a large scale preventative maintenance scheme that will protect the bank from slippage and further deterioration over coming years.

As part of the project, large scale drainage improvements will be undertaken so that pipework complies with today’s standards, as well as using sheet piling (long structural sections used to retain either soil or water) and soil nails (used to treat unstable natural soil slopes) to stabilise the remainder of the bank.

Aims and Benefits

  • Improve safety for road users
  • Stabilise the embankment to prevent further deterioration and reduce future repair costs
  • Replace and repair outdated drainage system to ensure rainwater is properly channelled away from the bank to where it should be discharged

Cost and Funding

The A17 Sleaford Bypass embankment repair project will cost £1.8m and is being funded using part of the £5.4m allocated to the authority by the Department of Transport (DfT) from its National Productivity Investment Fund. The money was awarded to LCC to help reduce congestion at key locations, upgrade or improve the maintenance of local highway assets, improve access to employment and housing, and develop economic and job creation opportunities.


Jan 2017DfT allocates £5.4m to LCC from its National Productivity Investment Fund
Oct 2017 *Contractor appointed
Oct 2017 *Maintenance work begins
Spr 2018 *Project complete

*All future dates are projected and subject to change dependant on external factors.

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Last updated: 12 October 2017

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