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Lincoln High Street Improvement Scheme

The Lincoln High Street Public Realm Improvement Scheme is a project that will see the recently-pedestrianised area of Lincoln’s High Street, between Tentercroft Street and St Mary’s Street, paved in natural stone with new seating and signage installed.

Lincoln High Street Improvement Scheme Update - June 2017

The scheme will give this section of Lincoln High Street a new lease of life, making the area more attractive to shoppers and giving local businesses a boost as part of the East-West Link project. The area’s new look would be much more in keeping with the city’s historic identity and would be a significant improvement on its current state.

There are also plans for a ‘gateway’ feature to be installed near the junction with Tentercroft Street, providing a welcoming focal point for the area. Themes being explored include linking the ‘gateway’ with the historic uphill quarter and the Magna Carta. This would be reliant on private-sector funding.

Once construction begins, the programme of works will be sequenced in such a way to minimise disruption to businesses, residents and pedestrians.

Aims and benefits

  • Creating new opportunities to help attract investment while fuelling growth and prosperity
  • Make the area more attractive to shoppers and give local businesses a boost
  • Strengthen the connection with the existing shopping area north of the level crossing, attracting greater footfall and encouraging more people to use local businesses
  • Create a more open and pleasant space, with the potential for activities such as street markets and outdoor cafes.
  • Seamlessly link this part of the city with the uphill area near the cathedral and castle

Cost and funding

The project will cost £800,000 to complete and will be delivered by Lincolnshire County Council using part of the £2.7m granted by Central Government (via Department for Communities and Local Government) as Growth Point Pump Priming funds to “help unlock growth in Lincoln”.

Planning permission and public consultation

The improvement scheme falls under permitted development, so a planning application was not needed for the project.

A consultation took place in spring 2015, which put forward a selection of design options.


Spr 2015Design consultation takes place
Nov 2016Lincoln East-West Link Road opens
Nov 2016High Street, between Tentercroft Street and St Mary’s Street, becomes a designated pedestrianised area
Feb 2017Proposal publically unveiled
Feb 2017Project funding agreed
Jun 2017 *Contractor appointed to carry out project works
Aug 2017 *Construction begins
Win 2017 *Project complete

*All future dates are projected and subject to change dependant on external factors.


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Roadworks map

Roadworks being carried out by all local authorities and utility companies.

News: Lincoln High Street

Artist's Rendering

Artist's rendering of Lincoln High Street rejuvenation project released

15 June 2017 | Updated: 28 June 2017

The rendering’s release coincides with the announcement that North Midland Construction has been awarded the contract to undertake works that will give a section of Lincoln High Street a new lease of life.

Level crossing at Lincoln High Street

Proposal to rejuvenate Lincoln High Street unveiled

13 February 2017

The project would give a section of Lincoln High Street a new lease of life, making the area more attractive to shoppers and giving local businesses a boost. 

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Last updated: 26 June 2017

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