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Lincoln Southern Bypass

Lincoln is one of the UK’s fastest-growing cities.  Between 1991 and 2001 Lincolnshire’s population grew by 9.9 percent - almost four times the nations average.  A dynamic regional hub that is central to local and national transport connection, the Greater Lincoln area is rapidly establishing itself as a vibrant place to live and work.

As the city grows, it generates more traffic, increasing the pressures on the existing transport network.  A new Southern Bypass would link the proposed Eastern Bypass (at the A15 Sleaford Road) with the existing Western Bypass (at its junction with Newark Road), creating a complete ring road around Lincoln.  The County Council sees this as part of the solution to the city’s transportation problems.


To assist the sustainable economic growth of Lincoln and Lincolnshire:

  • By improvements to the strategic road network
  • By improving direct links to the Primary/Trans-European Road Network

To improve the quality of life in central Lincoln and in the settlements within the study area:

  • By reducing through-traffic
  • By relieving traffic congestion
  • By reducing traffic generation noise and air pollution

To maximise accessibility to central Lincoln:

  • By giving drivers more choice of routes to access or bypass Lincoln
  • By providing an additional river crossing
  • By reducing journey times for through-traffic travelling between areas to the east and west of the city.

To improve road safety in central Lincoln and the settlements within the study area by:

  • Providing an alternative, more direct route between areas to the east and west of the city, avoiding the city centre
  • Improving links between primary route corridors and increasing the range of entry points to the city
  • Reducing conflicts between heavy good vehicles, other road users, pedestrians and property

The Lincoln Southern Bypass has been the subject of two Public Consultations to seek the public’s views on the selection of a Preferred Route. Following an initial route assessment study, Public Consultation 1 was held in October 2005 and presented the public with three alternative route options for the bypass, Route 2a, Route 2b and Route 2c.

In April 2006, Route 2c was selected as a basis for an Emerging Preferred Route for Lincoln Southern Bypass by Lincolnshire County Council, taking into account the results of Public Consultation 1 and the studies preceding it.

Following further route development, a second public consultation on the bypass, Public Consultation 2 was held in October 2006. After careful consideration of all the scheme reports, on 5th December 2006 the County Council’s Executive Committee made the decision to endorse the Emerging Preferred Route, Route 2C, as its Preferred Route for the Lincoln Southern Bypass.

The scheme remains a long term aspiration of the County Council subject to funding availability.

For further information please call Lincolnshire County Council on 01522 782070.

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Last updated: 9 February 2017

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