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Access Lincoln Launches New Bus Pass For Employees and Jobseekers


The Access Lincoln Bus Pass has been developed to provide more people employed in the city with lower cost bus travel.

If you are employed at a business located within the Access Lincoln area (below) and your employer has completed a FREE Access Lincoln travel plan, you can join the scheme.


Choose your pass type

There are two pass types to choose from depending on where you are travelling from.

The Inner pass costs £30 per month - saving £14 a month compared to the Megarider equivalent, and is valid on any Stagecoach bus service within the Lincoln City boundary, including North Hykeham, Waddington, Branston, Washingborough, Heighington, Skellingthorpe and Nettleham. £10 one off set-up fee.

The Outer pass costs £47 per month - saving £15 a month compared to the Megarider Plus equivalent, and is valid on any Stagecoach bus services where getting on or off is within the Lincoln City boundary. £15 one off set-up fee.

The Access Lincoln pass works in the same way as Stagecoach’s Megarider and Megarider Plus - any journeys past the Megarider boundary will require an Outer Pass, and journeys within the Megarider boundary an Inner Pass.

Please see above the Inner pass boundary (pink line) or alternatively view the Stagecoach Bus Map.


Submit an application

After selecting the relevant pass, simply submit the online form.

Once your employment or study has been verified and your submission has been approved, we’ll be in touch to complete the process. Passes are issued for the first day of each calendar month.

Bus Pass For Apprentices and Jobseekers

The Access Lincoln Bus Pass also helps jobseekers and apprentices that have secured a job in the Access Lincoln area but will find the cost, time or lack of travel options a barrier to travelling to work.

Newly employed jobseekers and apprentices will be granted a FREE bus pass for a period of three months to use for their journey to work, as well as leisure and social trips. All you need to do is ensure you can meet the criteria and keep in touch with us to monitor your trips.

After the first three months, employees will then be able to continue saving by purchasing the Access Lincoln Bus Pass.

For more information about how to apply and eligibility please get in touch.

Call: 01522 581 906

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