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October is International Walk To School Month

Walk to school month

Walk to School Month is a month-long international awareness event held in October every year where schools across the world join forces to promote walking to school. The aim is to encourage fun events and activities to raise awareness about the benefits of walking to school.


Walk to school month

There are many benefits of walking to school – not only for those who walk but also for everyone in the community. Here are just a few of the many benefits:

Healthier and happier children

79% of boys and 84% of girls fail to meet the minimum daily recommendation of exercise. Children should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day and walking to school helps towards achieving this goal.

Children who do some form of exercise, especially a walk before school, arrive fit, refreshed and ready to learn meaning they are more likely to perform better in class and be overall happier, healthier and more independent.

Less congestion at school gates

One in five cars on the road during morning rush hour are taking children to school.

This contributes to more air pollution and carbon emissions. The school run alone is responsible for two million tonnes of CO2 pollution each year.

Walking to school is therefore not only beneficial for children’s health, but also benefits everyone.

Walking is fun

Walk to school month

There are many ways to make walking even more exciting for children. Try some of the ideas below or even come up with some of your own!

Spotting game - how many birds, animals or bicycles can be spotted during the walk. Try and beat the previous day’s total!

Bright colours - hoose a different colour to dress up in for each day of the week making the walk more fun and colourful.

Scavenger hunt - start a collection of nature finds from different leaves, to acorns, pine cones and more.

Get involved!

Walk to school month

Help your children to walk to school this October and form healthy habits for life. More information regarding the International Walk To School Month campaign can be found at Living Street’s website.

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