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Travel Plans

A travel plan is a document written by a developer, organisation or school which looks at how residents, employees or pupils are travelling. It contains a package of measures and actions to encourage safe, healthy and sustainable travel options. By reducing car travel, travel plans can improve health and wellbeing, free up car parking space, and make a positive contribution to the community and the environment. Every travel plan is different, but most successful plans follow a structured process in their development. It can also have a positive impact on air quality, traffic congestion and health.

Residential Travel Plans

New residential developments over 80 dwellings will normally require a Residential Travel Plan submitted alongside planning applications. These look specifically at putting in place measures to reduce single occupancy car usage to and from the development.

Business/Workplace Travel Plans

A business/workplace travel plan is tailored for each individual organisation, how employees commute to and from work, the number of business trips and meetings out of the office, deliveries and more. Travel plans must meet the needs of each organisation but the main objectives of a travel plan are to manage employee travel and promote greener, sustainable travel options. Plans can be developed voluntarily or as part of a planning application.

School Travel Plans

A school travel plan supports children and their families to make active and sustainable journeys to and from school. Initiatives such a Bikeability, Bike-it and Walking Buses have been implemented as easier options for travelling to and from school.

Many schools in Lincolnshire are taking part in Bikeability; ‘cycle proficiency’ for the 21st Century! This is the National Standard for cycling and is taught by qualified National Standard Instructors. With three levels of proficiency, young cyclists develop their skills and confidence, learning to cycle safely on today’s busy roads. Most training is currently taking place in primary schools and delivered to Years 5 and 6 children. For more information contact LCC Transposition - email or alternatively view the Department for Transport Bikeability website.

Preparing Travel Plans

LCC Guidance Notes for the Preparation and Implementation of Development Travel Plans explains in detail the various Travel Plans, the processes involved, guidance to writing a travel plan along with a toolkit of measures that developers can consider. The document also includes a template for schools (Appendix F). The document is reviewed and updated occasionally and can be found in Downloads.

Further information about Travel Plans can be obtained by emailing the Senior Accessibility Project officer:


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Last updated: 14 December 2016

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