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Council Services:

Road safety

With a record number of cars on the roads, safety is a contentious issue for our county. Lincolnshire County Council believes that this is a very serious issue and one that is very important to the people of Lincolnshire. As a result LCC takes part in a number of initiatives to promote road safety in our region.

This section gives you information on all the vital initiatives that are in place to improve road safety, including information on speed limits, traffic schemes and driver training as well as much more.

  • Provide secure cycling lock-ups - Witham St. Hughes Primary School

    School Travel Plans and Resources

    Tackling congestion on the school run is done through School Travel Plans.

  • Photo of 30mph speed limit parish sign

    Speed Checks

    The Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) runs all speed cameras in the County.

  • Photo of School safety zone

    Local Safety Engineering Schemes

    A commitment to achieving the Governments road safety casualty reduction targets.

  • Photo of School crossing patrol sign

    School Crossing Patrols

    The Lincolnshire School Crossing Patrol Service is managed by the Road Safety Service Delivery Manager.

  • Speed Limit Policy

    Speed Limits

    Speed limits are introduced by the Highway Authority to ensure better road safety.

  • Photo of School safety zone

    Traffic Schemes

    The Council carries out a wide range of traffic schemes in support of our Local Transport Plan Objectives

  • Pelican crossing

    Types of pedestrian crossings

    Information about different types of pedestrian crossings used in the county.

  • Max Respect logo

    Max Respect

    The Max Respect initiative was introduced in 2002 to promote, encourage and reward safe travel on home to school transport.

  • Logo of Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership - LRSP

    Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership

    A partnership set up to reduce the number of people killed and injured on Lincolnshire roads.

  • Traffic Policy for Schools

    Traffic Policy for Schools

    Traffic management measures outside schools are introduced by the Highway Authority to improve road safety

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Last updated: 19 December 2014

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