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Speed Limits Policy

Speed limits are introduced to ensure better road safety.

Measures for influencing the speed of vehicles generally fall into two categories, legislative and physical. Speed limits fall into the first category whereas traffic calming measures fall into the second.

Information on the speed limits you would expect to come across on the different category of road is given in chart form in the Highway Code.

As a result of new Guidance issued by the Department for Transport, the County Council has adopted a policy on Speed Limits which outlines the criteria that is required to be met, such as the length and density of roadside development, determining the "level" at which a speed limit is set as well as information regarding the accident history. The policy also includes criteria for rural locations and accident reduction sites.

Any new speed limit, or any amendments to existing speed limits, requires a Traffic Regulation Order to be made. This involves a process of consultation and public advertisement. This statutory legal process generally takes nine months to complete, but is largely dependent on the number and nature of any objections.

Sometimes temporary speed limits are put in place during road works. These do not require the same statutory process as outlined above, but they are still legally enforceable.

Information regarding the policy and how it may relate to individual locations is available from the Divisional Highway Offices.

The process outlines in the policy download below should be followed in order to determine the appropriate level of speed limit for all circumstances and locations across Lincolnshire.



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Last updated: 7 March 2017

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