Transitions to adulthood

'Transition' is the time when a young person moves from childhood into adulthood. If you are a young person approaching adulthood, you may be eligible for care and support if:

  • you live with a disability
  • you are a young carer and care for an adult with a disability
  • you have other problems (for example, autism or mental health problems)

To work out your needs, we will carry out a transition assessment.

We carry out this assessment alongside your Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan. This ensures that the right care and support is in place as you move to adult care.

For an assessment to take place:

  • we need to be confident about your needs when you turn 18
  • we need to be clear that an assessment will be of significant benefit to you

The amount you pay for care services will depend on:

  • what services you receive
  • your personal financial circumstances

For advice, email or call 01522 782155.

Completed assessments

After we complete your assessment, we will ensure you have a copy.

If you are eligible for help from adult care, we will aim to arrange this within seven days of your assessment.

If you choose to have a personal budget, you can use it to arrange your own support. If not, we may arrange services for you.

If you are not eligible for help, we will give you advice on services that may help you.