Lincs Laboratory

Highway asset data

We can provide detailed carriageway assessment and visual surveys.

Deflectograph surveys

Our deflectograph is accredited for use on the Highways England Strategic Road Network.

The output is formatted to suit your needs. We can produce HMDIF files for loading data into a UKPMS Pavement Management System.

The survey speed is around 2.5km per hour. Survey rates can be up to 15km per day, depending on traffic conditions and working hours' restrictions.

Visual surveys

We carry out visual inspections of the highway network. These are used for performance monitoring and helping prioritise maintenance schemes.

We use the following types of visual surveys:

  • Coarse Visual Inspection - a simple, rapid survey for the highway network
  • Footway Network Survey – a simple walked survey for footways

National Street Gazetteer

This is the definitive information for streets and is used to manage all street works. We maintain the Local Street Gazetteer for Lincolnshire.