Lincs Laboratory

Laboratory and site testing

We undertake a comprehensive range of tests on a variety of construction materials. We can determine suitability for use and consistency of quality.

Aggregates and concrete

Current tests available are as follows:

  • physical tests and mechanical tests - particle size, density and shape characteristics, rost heave, strength and compaction characteristics
  • chemical tests - sulphate and chloride content, chemical compounds in salt for winter maintenance
  • concrete tests - compressive strength and density of hardened concrete cubes.Concrete cubes should be accompanied with a completed 150mm concrete cubes form or a 100mm concrete cubes form.

Bituminous material testing

Current tests available are as follows:

  • compliance testing – binder content, grading and the maximum density of bituminous mixtures, density and air void content of cores, penetration and softening point of binders and water and binder content and efflux of emulsions used in highway pavement construction
  • investigation testing – Logging and Tar Content of bituminous cores removed from the pavement

Soil testing

Current tests available are as follows:

  • classification tests - plasticity, moisture content, particle size, and density
  • physical testing - California bearing ratio (CBR), dry density moisture content relationship, compaction, and consolidation

Site testing services

Current tests available are as follows:

  • compliance - surface texture and regularity, the reflectivity of white lines, compaction of aggregates and bituminous materials
  • investigation - coring, pavement stiffness, bearing capacity
  • performance - bituminous materials, concrete, and granular materials

You can deliver samples directly to the laboratory between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday. We can also collect samples direct from your site.