Lincs Laboratory

Traffic surveys

We offer a range of automatic and manual traffic monitoring surveys.

Rural routine monitoring and annual average daily traffic

The data is combined from junction turning counts and two-way surveys on straight links of road. The average of two surveys is used to obtain an average daily flow.

Permanent automatic surveys

We operate CA traffic’s loop profiler-type counters for long-term monitoring work.

Automatic traffic counters

Counters use inductive loops in the carriageway to detect vehicles. Each site has four loops in the carriageway, two per lane. They can also classify and record the speed of vehicles.

Automatic cycle counters

These counters use special loop detection systems for cycle routes. Site visits occur every month unless telemetry is fitted.

Requested manual traffic surveys

These are used to understand traffic movements, types of traffic or pedestrian activity.

Requested temporary automatic counter surveys

We conduct these at specific locations where there is a need for 24-hour vehicle type or speed information.