Approved premises

Venue checklist

Please read the guide below to ensure your premises meet all the requirements to apply for a grant of approval.

All documents /certificates need to be signed and dated where possible.

Evidence you will need to provide

  • Room plan. To be uploaded at the time of application
  • Please clearly mark all areas you wish to be included in your application. This includes outside spaces within the boundary of your property. These will be included at no extra charge.
  • Employer liability insurance certificate
  • Public liability insurance certificate(s)
  • Planning permission - Please get in touch with your local District Council for further information. Where planning is not required written confirmation to be supplied at application.

Risk assessment

  • Fire risk assessment and emergency evacuation plan
  • Ongoing fire logbook checks
  • Fire alarm service and testing record(s)
  • Fire extinguisher service and inspection record(s)
  • Fire safety signage

Responsible persons

  • Name and contact telephone number of ‘responsible person’ -  The main point of contact for the Registration and Celebratory Service. Person responsible for overseeing health and safety on day of celebration

Is the proposed room

  • A permanent and immovable structure
  • Seemly, dignified, and free from anything that may compromise the occasion's solemnity
  • Available for frequent use
  • Not used or affiliated with any religion

Does the proposed room

  • Allow for unobstructed public access
  • Have a quiet and private area for the preliminaries of the celebration
  • Have adequate toilet facilities
  • Have disabled access and facilities