Exceptional circumstances ceremonies

Registrar General’s Licence ceremony

The Registrar General can authorise marriages / civil partnerships to take place at short notice in circumstances where one of the parties is seriously ill, not expected to recover and cannot be moved to a place where a marriage /civil partnership could normally take place.

This is known as a marriage by Registrar Generals Licence.

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Notice waiver ceremony

Usually, once you give notice of your marriage or civil partnership, 28 days must pass before the ceremony can take place. However, under exceptional circumstances, this can be reduced.

For example, if there is a:

  • serious illness of either partner (but that person can attend at a registered place for marriage or civil partnership)
  • serious illness of a close family member
  • service personnel deployed abroad at short notice

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Housebound ceremonies

Where at least one partner is unable to leave the location where they currently reside.

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Detained ceremonies

Where at least one partner is deemed to be living in a place of detention.

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