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Certificate corrections

Corrections to certificates can only be made when information given during registration is wrong.

You cannot apply for a correction to show new information if circumstances change.

A correction can only proceed when we are sure that an error exists and documentary evidence showing the correct information may need to be produced for the correction to be authorised.

The local Register Office can authorise minor mistakes in occupations, birthplaces or addresses, but more complex errors need the authority of the Registrar General.

  • the fee for considering if a correction can be authorised locally is £83
  • if the correction needs the authority of the Registrar General, the fee is £99

You will be advised of the procedure and how the correction will be made, and you will also be told what documentary evidence will be needed.

Request a correction

What happens next?

We will review the case to see if it meets the criteria for a correction and request any evidence to support the correction.

We will update you on the next steps required and liaise with you to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

Once the correction has been made, you can apply for copies of the certificate of the corrected entry online.

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