Report a roadworks problem

We are responsible for managing roadworks in the highway and reducing disruption for people using our roads and paths.

Some roadworks are carried out by us and some are carried out by a third party such as utility companies maintaining or replacing their infrastructure.

Where roadworks are carried out by a third party, they are responsible for the management of their work.

Our inspectors carry out around 20,000 inspections each year but we can’t be everywhere, so rely on the public to let us know if they spot a problem at roadworks.

This could be barriers that have been blown down, temporary traffic signals that are not working, missing signs or any other problem at roadworks.

Report a roadworks problem

What will happen next

  • We will assess the problem
  • If the problem presents an immediate danger we will attend and make it as safe as possible  
  • If the problem is with our roadworks we will instruct our teams to take action
  • If the problem is with a third parties roadworks we will request that they take action