Structures on the Edge

The Structures on the Edge project explores developing small scale art-led coastal architecture.

It provides a series of semi-remote coastal locations for artists and architects. They can create installations to enhance the natural environment of the coastline.

The potential sites on the 10-mile stretch of coast between Chapel St. Leonards and Mablethorpe on the Lincolnshire coast.

The installations could be platforms, landings, hides, shelters, havens, lookouts or other structures. They help people appreciate, enjoy and understand the coastal environment.

They may:

  • have a specific purpose such as wave watching; cloud spotting; star gazing or climate observation
  • react to or interact with the natural elements in dynamic and surprising ways
  • simply provide a shelter or contemplative place for quiet appreciation.

The Sound Tower

A device that focuses and concentrates people’s senses and amplifies the windy nature of the site.

The tower-like structure is a clear point of reference, identifiable from land, sea, and beach.

Located on the southern side of the pedestrian entrance to the beach at Chapel Six Marshes.

Cloud Bar

A unique small building made from larch, acrylic, and concrete and featuring a cloud-spotting menu.

Specially designed seating and self-operating mirrors to bring the sky down to the earth.

It is located near Anderby Creek beach car park, at the top of the pull-over.

Round and Round House

Selected from the international Bathing Beauties competitions as ideal for bird-watching.

Made from curved laminated plywood and will be open all year round.

Access is limited due to its unique location at the top of the dunes. Access is also available from the beach via a wooden boardwalk and steps.

Located 350m south of the entrance to the beach at Anderby Creek.


This piece reflects the wide-open spaces whilst evoking a feel of reed beds.

The etchings on the sculpture are from drawings by the local community.

Located 4 miles from Boston, between the outfalls of the Rivers Welland and Witham and near the village of Frampton.