Council structure

County councillors

In total, we have 70 councillors:

  • Conservative - 53
  • Labour - 4
  • Independent Group - 4
  • South Holland Independents - 3
  • Liberal Democrat - 3
  • Independent (non-aligned) - 2
  • vacancy - 1

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The council leader

The council leader is elected for a four-year term at the first full council meeting after an election. The role of the leader is to:

  • provide strategic direction for the council.
  • act as the political spokesperson for the council.

The current council leader is Councillor Martin Hill OBE.

The current deputy council leader is Councillor Patricia Bradwell OBE.

Chairman and vice-chairman

The chairman and vice-chairman are elected at the full council’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). The role of the chairman is to:

  • to chair meetings of the county council and uphold the Constitution
  • to promote public involvement in the council's activities
  • act as an ambassador for the council

The vice-chairman assists with the chairman’s duties and may stand in at meetings and events.

The current chairman is Councillor Michael Brookes

The current vice-chairman is Councillor Mrs Alison Mary Austin

Chief council officers

Our corporate leadership team includes:

  • Andrew Crookham, executive director for resources and section 151 officer
    Email: [email protected]
  • Glen Garrod, executive director for adult care and community wellbeing
    Email: [email protected]