Gender pay gap 2019

We had 4,899 employees in scope for our gender pay gap exercise.

In 2019, 67% of our workforce was female (3,291) and 33% (1,608) male.

The mean gap is the difference between the mean hourly rate of pay for males and females.

For 2019, this was 5.8%, an improvement of 1.8% from 2018.

The median gap is the difference between the median hourly rate of pay for males and females.

For 2019, was 3.3%, which has widened slightly by 1.2% from 2018.


There are 284 females on the female median pay point (£14.17) and only five males on the male median pay (£14.65).

If this year's male median was £14.48 then the median GPG would be 2.1%, the same as last year. Between £14.48 and £14.65 there are only 55 males.

The male median sees small changes due to additions and reductions anywhere in the pay spines. The female median is unlikely to alter without a big change.

We have no bonus payments for 2019 that fall in the gender pay gap category.

Additional information

There has been a 1% decrease of females in the lower and lower-middle quartiles. 

The percentage of females within the upper and upper-middle quartiles continue to show improvement.

The upper quartile is almost identical to the overall gender split of the council. 

Quartile % males 2010 % females 2019
Lower quartile 22% 78%
Lower middle quartile 34% 66%
Upper middle quartile 41% 59%
Upper quartile 34% 66%

2020 Action Plan

To further address the pay gap, we will:

  • continue to promote improvements in the Gender Pay Gap and how it  compares to other local authorities
  • continue to review flexible working policies and have senior leaders and managers act as role models
  • promote the use of paternity and parental leave, part-time working and job share using case studies
  • raise the profile of the recruitment and equal opportunities policies
  • consider Unconscious Bias Training forming part of the new employment policies training  
  • encourage females returning to work following periods of leave or a break to take up mentoring opportunities to support moving into management positions