Public task statement: libraries

The public task

This statement sets out the functions carried out by the Lincolnshire Library Service and what information is available for re-use under the Re-Use of Public Sector Information Regulations.

 Lincolnshire Library Service gathers, keeps, makes available and loans:

  • books
  • periodicals
  • Talking Books
  • DVDs
  • e-books
  • e-audio
  • e-magazines
  • online resources
  • resources relating specifically to Lincolnshire including photographs and ephemera in the local studies collections

Libraries are a Lincolnshire County Council service, operated by Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL). The core functions are carried out within a complex legal framework including:

  • the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964
  • the Byelaws under Section 19 of this Act issued by Lincolnshire County Council in 1974

Information available for re-use

You can see and re-use information that is published by the service (for example catalogues, indexes, policies, procedures) free of charge provided it is not subject to Data Protection or a third party agreement. You can search catalogues online.  Photographs and some local studies resources are at Lincolnshire archive online catalogue.

You can also see publications and other items held at the libraries free of charge. You can make a copy of most of these items for personal use but the law for re-use is more restrictive. Copies will be made available for personal use unless the items are considered too fragile to be copied. Charges are applied for any copies made by staff.

Charges will also be applied for reproduction. Constraints include:

  • copyright
  • intellectual property rights
  • Data Protection
  • third party agreements

In order to cater better for Data Protection requirements and prevent identifications, Lincolnshire County Council, when appropriate, will anonymise data to be released by following the indications specified by ICO in the relevant Code of Practice.

Review and complaints

This statement will be reviewed in the event of any major service changes or in March 2023. If you have any queries or complaints about the re-use of information, please submit them to