Register a death


Changes to death registrations

Face to face death registrations are no longer taking place, and the registration will now be taken over the telephone.

Once the registration service has received the medical cause of death certificate from the hospital or GP surgery, a registrar will call the next of kin to gather the relevant information from the informant (also sent to us by the hospital/ surgery) to complete the registration. Following the registration the death certificate(s) and other information will be sent by post.

By law, this should still happen within five days of the death occurring.

Changes to funeral arrangements

Locally, we are experiencing an influx of positive cases of Covid19 and as we have come to understand, this will unfortunately have an impact on our funeral services. In order to maintain the current operating system, there are a few things that we request that you consider.

  • Funerals have faced all manner of restrictions throughout the past year, and even with hopes of the government's roadmap out of lockdown on the horizon, we anticipate that some level of social distancing will still apply after restrictions have lifted, and venues may have to set a limit on physical attendees in order to manage this safely. Due to this uncertainty, please do not delay in making your funeral arrangements, particularly around any potential milestones within the roadmap as they are subject to change.
  • Please be as flexible as you can when it comes to arranging ceremonies, with particular consideration to time and location. By having this degree of flexibility, we can allow more services to take place across the county, preventing delays and doing our best to maintain wishes where possible. There are some beautiful, peaceful venues countywide, where you can give your loved one a justified service.
  • Our contingency arrangements have been built with the upmost professionalism. We hope that by managing the funeral system, adding capacity to existing services and helping to streamline some of these processes, we may not have to use them. Should we deem it necessary to enact some of our contingency preparations, they are built to an exceptional standard. Please rest assured that your loved one is looked after with the care that they deserve at all times.

We will continue to revise our guidance where appropriate with the safety of the wider public in mind.

By law, a death must be registered within five days. This may be longer if the death has been referred to a coroner.

Due to Covid, a registration officer will contact the informant directly to register a death.

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Book an appointment

If the death did not occur in Lincolnshire, you can still book an appointment with us. We will send the details to the correct office. 

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Tell Us Once

The Tell Us Once service lets you report a death to most government organisations in one go. Your registrar will advise you about this at your appointment.


If the death occurred in Lincolnshire, you can buy death certificates at your appointment.

They cost £11 each.

If you want a certificate later, you must order one online or by post.


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