This consultation has concluded.

We received more than 4,000 responses and the results can be found on the Let's Talk Lincolnshire website.

The consultation analysis and findings are presented in the report (in the important links section).

All three councils have now voted to proceed with a devolution deal for Greater Lincolnshire.

The Secretary of State will now consider the final proposal, and if approved, will instigate secondary legislation.

A graphic explain the benefits of devolution

Councils in Greater Lincolnshire have approved a devolution deal which means existing money and power can move from central government to decision-makers in Greater Lincolnshire.

The deal approved is the most ambitious available and in exchange for this level of powers, money, and say in how we spend it, North, North East and Lincolnshire County Council must submit a proposal to government setting out how this could work through the creation of an independent body called a county combined authority, or CCA.

This level of deal would be chaired by an elected official (usually called a mayor) who you, as Greater Lincolnshire residents, would elect.

All three councils have agreed and adopted the Greater Lincolnshire Devolution Proposal, which can be seen, in full, on these pages.

The three councils are now undertaking a consultation with residents in the Greater Lincolnshire area to get their views before deciding whether to submit the Proposal to government either in its current form or an amended version.

This consultation document summarises the Proposal document, but we suggest you read the Proposal in full before answering the questions.

The Proposal document explains how we believe, if adopted, using powers and deciding how to spend money locally would improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the people who live or work in our area through:

  • improved local transport and roads
  • enhanced digital services, like broadband
  • help improve the environment and achieve net zero
  • the provision of good quality housing
  • boosting the economy by supporting local businesses to create new, high paid, high skilled jobs
  • improving training to ensure local people can take advantage of the new jobs.

The idea is that local decision makers will be able to spend this funding more effectively, as they better understand Greater Lincolnshire and the needs of both people who live or work in the area and business.

This is just the beginning. There could be more powers and funding available in future. This initial proposal means:

  • a 30-year investment fund worth £720m to level-up the whole of Greater Lincolnshire
  • a stronger role in setting and delivering Greater Lincolnshire’s priorities
  • control over a range of powers and budgets currently administered by central government
  • additional powers to tackle challenges and make the most of our economic potential so everyone who lives and works here benefits
  • £28m for new a raft of projects to create new jobs
  • a new mayor to give Greater Lincolnshire a louder voice, more influence, and a higher profile, locally, nationally and globally
  • even more chances to work together across boundaries and borders.