E Safety awareness for staff, E Learning - Stay Safe Partnership

Lincolnshire Safeguarding Childrens Partnership

This e learning raises awareness of how children and young people use different methods of online and mobile communication. Explains the risks and encourages safe practice.

This training can be used as evidence towards helping you achieve SMSC.


This e learning helps staff to:

  • develop awareness of different ways in which children and young people use the internet and mobile technology
  • develop awareness of the possible risks to children and young people when using different methods of online and mobile communication
  • be able to identify key e-safety practices which children and young people should be aware of
  • know how to report abusive behaviour online
  • know what to do if a child discloses experience of abusive online behaviour
  • be aware of further online e-safety support

Training is a via e learning on the Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership website.  The e learning takes 90 - 120 minutes, but can be undertaken in stages

Safeguarding risks are associated with the internet and other forms of modern technology. This course helps you understand the different ways children and young people use technology and how this can make them vulnerable

Free for maintained schools. All others £25 plus VAT.