FGM (abuse linked to faith or belief) e-learning for staff - Stay Safe Partnership

Lincolnshire Safeguarding Childrens Partnership

E Learning package covers FGM, forced marriage, honour based violence and spirit possession.

This training can be used as evidence towards helping you achieve SMSC.


Learning aims are:

  • recognise why cultural awareness is important in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for children
  • identify how and why cultural traditions can result in the abuse of children
  • recognise the effects that cultural rituals such as female genital mutilation (FGM) can have on children
  • recognise how cultural beliefs such as a belief in spirit possession can result in the abuse of children

Training is a via e learning on the LSCP website.  It takes 90 -120 minutes, but can be undertaken in stages


This course:

  • provides an understanding of the four main types of abuse that stem from culture related traditions
  • increases awareness of specific cultural and religious needs
  • provides the knowledge practitioners need to be confident when speaking with people from a different cultural background around the subjects

Free for maintained schools. All others £25 plus VAT.