First aid (with alcohol) lesson plans for secondary schools - Stay Safe Partnership

British Red Cross

Videos, lesson plans and practical activities teaching young people about alcohol and first aid from the British Red Cross for 14 - 19 year olds.

This training can be used as evidence towards helping you achieve SMSC.


Learners will:

  • recognise risks associated with drinking too much alcohol
  • consider how peer pressure can influence others
  • identify social barriers to helping others and how to overcome these
  • learn how to help someone who is unresponsive and breathing
Service Description

The videos look at the scenario of a house party where someone has drunk too much and is lying unresponsive and breathing.  Learners explore peer pressure, social barriers to helping and the first aid skills required to help.

Lesson One (you can choose a 30 or 50 minute session) is a film-based lesson.  It invites discussion on how learners would react if the scenario of drinking too much at a house party was presented to them in real life.

Lesson Two (which is a 20 minute practical session) is a first aid lesson supported by an animation. This is also a practical session to practise “the pushover”. This will help someone who is unresponsive and breathing by learning how to push them on to their side with their head tilted back.


These lesson plans/resources are available on the Red Cross website