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Just Lincolnshire

The aim of the JUST Learning online portal is:

  • to explore equality through a suite of resources based on JUST Lincolnshire’s eight stories of strength
  • to understand how our own characteristics, culture, background and experiences affect how we see the world and also how others see us
  • to understand the way that our own bias’s and those of others impact on how we view the world and others
  • to recognise equity, respect and kindness
  • to identify five of the recognised protected characteristics
  • to equip staff for difficult conversations
  • to demonstrate the link between these topics and the school inspection framework
Service Description

JUST Lincolnshire, is now part of Lincolnshire YMCA.

Our aim is that Lincolnshire is a safe, fair place where people are valued and can thrive.

We are experts at unlocking courageous conversations across organisations and the community, to provide insight to bring about change.

We are proud of what we do and will confidently seek to:

  • challenge
  • champion
  • celebrate
  • collaborate to bring about change

Our values link with Lincolnshire YMCA’s and are at the heart of everything we do. We:

  • seek out
  • welcome
  • inspire
  • speak out
  • serve others

The JUST Learning online resource is available throughout the year. Responses are provided within seven working days.

  • this is an ideal resource and fits alongside the education inspection framework allowing outcomes and impact to be clearly evidenced
  • increased awareness of the protected characteristics
  • each lesson plan contains:
    • clear objectives
    • multi-curricular opportunities
    • minute-by-minute plan
    • bespoke resource materials
  • lesson plans can be used as one 60-minute lesson or can be broken down into smaller ones to fit in with the individual need of the school
  • additional resources are available within the programme
  • awareness raising and resources for significant celebration or memorial days via the Bulletin Board. For example, Holocaust Memorial Day
  • includes hate crime resource
  • understanding the difficulties of working within a rural setting
  • nationally recognised by Ofsted as being one of the best children’s services directorates in the country
JUST Learning annual fee is £495 plus VAT which will give unlimited access to:
  • the portal
  • lesson plans
  • resources

JUST Lincolnshire has a proven track record for working with learning centres across the county.

Please note that in year 2, just the online resource can be purchased if the learning centre is confident in delivering the content.

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