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Junior eyes

Aimed at 7 to 11 year olds, this simple booklet covers various safety messages with information, puzzles and games.  It can be used by schools to reinforce key safety messages and used by children at home with their families. This training can be used as evidence towards helping you achieve SMSC.

Service Description

Produced by Helen Bill of Neighbourhood Watch, this booklet has been developed with children for children.  It aims to engage them in simple issues, building a foundation in respect of safeguarding themselves, their peers and family in Lincolnshire.

Also aimed to guide and encourage young people to be good members of the community and recognise their responsibility to themselves and others.

If you order booklets from the link below, you will also receive an electronic complimentary PowerPoint presentation, which is an excellent visual aid to help you when using the booklet.


Available as a resource whenever needed.

A free booklet is available for every Key Stage 2 pupil of your school. Please state the name of your school, address, post code, contact number and number of booklets required.


Your one-stop shop for introducing and/or reinforcing key safety messages for primary aged children.

Ideal to place on school website for parents to use and also shows a commitment to PSHE / SMSC and British values.


This booklet is produced and put together by volunteers to try to help every child in Lincolnshire keep as safe as they can. We would welcome a small voluntary donation of £10 to help towards these costs.

Contact and how to book

Resource is attached at bottom of page, but can be ordered (see availability).

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