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A workshop designed to address negative attitudes and stereotypes towards Islam and Muslims. This training can be used as evidence towards helping you achieve SMSC.


These resources will assist students to:

  • have an interest in investigating, and offering reasoned views, about moral and ethical issues
  • have an interest in, and understanding of, the way communities and societies function at variety of levels
  • consider the unacceptability of all forms of discrimination, and the need to challenge it in the wider community
  • think critically about extremism and intolerance in whatever forms they take
Service Description

The resources include:

  • an easy to ‘pick-up’ and learn package for staff
  • film and interactive workshop to encourage classroom discussion and debate
  • facilitator's notes (including suggested lesson plan) for ease of use
  • flexibility to allow schools to shape the workshop in the way that they see fit for particular year group

The resources help:

  • to create a better understanding of Islam and Muslims in the UK
  • to address some commonly held misconceptions and myths about Muslims
  • decrease hate related incidents and bullying as a result of better understanding of Islam and Muslims
  • students to be able to recognise Islamophobia and challenge it
  • students to be able to recognise online propaganda and report it where appropriate


Contact and how to book

View the free online film "British Muslims".  Facilitator's notes, lesson plans and PowerPoint presentation are attached. 

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