Parent advice and training on child sexual abuse, exploitation and harmful sexual behaviours - Stay Safe Partnership

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation

Easy to read guide for parents to work through with their children and young people who may have got into trouble online.

Service Description

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation has produced some fantastic, bitesize, information clips and resources for parents around protecting children and young people from harmful sexual behaviour both online and offline. Child sexual abuse is a major public health problem affecting more than a million children under the age of 16 in the UK. All available evidence indicates that the risk to children has grown during the Covid-19 pandemic. Parents can learn from short films telling them what they need to know about child sexual abuse and how to prevent it, including spotting the signs and online safety.

Using clear and simple language it explains the issues and gives straightforward advice, signposts to other websites and directs parents to various helplines.

Training also gives advice on completing a "family safety plan" looking at staying safe as a family.

Available whenever needed.

Ideal resource to place on school website for parents to access and also easy way for school to show it's commitment to PSHE, SMSC and British Values.



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