Surveillance camera systems privacy notice - Privacy notices

Why we collect information about you
  • for the health and safety of staff, visitors and other members of the public
  • protecting council property and assets
  • deterring and detecting criminal and antisocial behaviour
  • assisting in the identification, apprehension and prosecution of offenders
  • on-site traffic and car park management
  • monitoring traffic and assisting in traffic regulation and enforcement
  • identifying those who have contravened parking regulations
  • assisting in grievances, formal complaints and investigations
  • surveying buildings, land and highways for maintenance and repair
What type of information we may collect
  • images and audio recordings
  • vehicle details
  • details of alleged or convicted criminal offences

We may also process some special category (sensitive) data such as:

  • health data
  • race or ethnic origin
Lawful bases for processing information about you
  • necessary to comply with a legal obligation
  • necessary to perform a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority
  • necessary for reasons of substantial public interest
How we may collect your information
  • closed circuit television (CCTV)
  • body worn video
  • dashboard mounted cameras
  • mobile camera systems
  • automatic number plate recognition cameras
  • unmanned aerial systems (drones), for example during search and rescue
Who we may share your information with
  • the police and other law enforcement and prosecuting authorities
  • other local authorities
  • courts and tribunals
  • insurance companies
How long we hold your information for

We are required to retain your information for as long as is necessary, after which it will be securely destroyed.

Further information on retention periods is available through our customer privacy notice.

Your information rights

You have several rights in relation to the information that the council holds about you. For information about your rights, when they might apply and how to make a request to exercise them, please see our customer privacy notice.

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