North Somercotes - 500 acres walk


Five walks through the village and countryside of North Somercotes close to the coast. The walks can be linked to form longer walks to explore the variety of countryside in the area. This walks vary in length from one to three miles (1.5 to 4.75 kilometres). Mostly level walking it may be muddy and uneven in places.North Somercotes lies close to the coast between Mablethorpe and Grimsby. 


2.75 miles (4.5 kilometres)
1.25 hours

Starting point
Village Hall
Keeling Street
North Somercotes
LN11 7QU
Grid reference: TF 425 964

Follow the directions for the Village walk to the Fire Station.

Turn right and where the road turns left into Cemetery Road continue straight on along a footpath signed Ark Road.

Follow the unmade road past the houses on the left to the end where the path turns slightly left and passes between two hedges.

Where the double hedge ends, turn right across a field before crossing ‘Cradle Bridge’ where the path turns half right between two fields. To the left you will see part of the old RAF Donna Nook buildings. The path will shortly turn left and you will pass through the old camp area, to Ark Road.

(if you would like to extend this walk see longer option below)

Turn left and follow this road to a T- junction. At the T-junction turn left and continue to the junction of this road with Bank End and Cemetery Road.

Turn left and on your right you will pass the village cemetery.

Continue along the road as it bends to the right to a T-junction with Keeling Street.

Turn left to return to the Village Hall.

Longer option (adds 4.1 km - 2.5 miles to the walk) At this point if you wish to extend your walk - and see the sea - cross Ark Road and follow the long straight Donna Nook Road. Towards the end and to the right you will see the old Coast Guard Houses and the lookout. When the road turns left you have the option of following the public footpath right to the sea shore. It passes through the RAF Donna Nook establishment which controls the Weapons Range. The right of way is foot access only keeping to the right on the metalled road. If the range is active you will be restricted on how far you may go onto the beach. When the red flag is flying, under no circumstances should anyone enter the bombing range area.

At this point you are also in the middle of a Nature Reserve managed by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. It stretches from Grainthorpe Haven in the north to Saltfleet in the south.

If the sea and weather is good you may wish to turn left as you go onto the beach and follow the sea bank to the next pullover known as Stone Bridge. To rejoin the walk leave the car park on the land side to join Marsh Lane. Pick up the walk again at Ark Road. You will have now walked completely around the 500 acres.

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Facilities available on this walk
  • refreshments
  • toilets
  • village/town
Features of this walk
  • coast
  • historical interest
  • wildlife interest
Map of starting point